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NOT Your 

Average Coach

  • Are you still reeling from your latest breakup?

  • Have you wasted years in relationships that go nowhere?

  • Do you wonder why it’s so easy for other men/women but not you?

  • Burned out on texting, online dating, and the anxiety of dating?

  • Do you feel that there are no good guys/gals left?

  • Are you afraid of opening your heart only to get hurt again?

  • Are you afraid of being alone forever?

  • Do you feel incomplete without the love you truly want?

  • Do you experience Attachment Anxiety?

  • Life feels exhausting?

  • Have you ever felt misunderstood in your relationship?

  • Have you ever felt insecure trying to start and keep a conversation with your partner?

  • Have you ever been in a relationship that made you feel worthless?

  • You do not enjoy sex, it feels more like a chore.

  • You and your partner are growing apart.

  • Are you convinced that love is impossible?

  • You don't trust your own judgment in relationships.

  • You have low self-esteem.

  • You hate your body.

  • You are struggling with health problems.

  • You have tried everything but can't keep the weight off.

  • Suffering from Anorexia, Bulimia, and/or Binge eating?

  • Do you wonder if there’s something wrong with you?

  • Suffering from Insomnia, PTSD, & panic attacks?

  • Unhappy with your Career or your company's financial achievements?

  • Can't get your management team to be on the same page with you.

  • Turnover is out of control costing you thousands of dollars every year.

  • Unclear of the direction of your financial future?

  • Do you hate your boss & feel Unappreciated?

  • Feel Stuck, you've been in the same position for years

If any of this resonates...

You Are Not Alone 

The coaching model is designed to be a profound and life-changing transformational journey.


As your coach, I will guide you through a purposeful and proven process that consistently produces breakthrough results.


Ultimate Alignment Coaching is designed to support you in accessing your innate wisdom

and intelligence. Unlike traditional counseling or therapy where you look to someone else for direction, my approach to Coaching helps you to glean your own insight and tap into your own

internal guidance that supports you in looking within for your own answers.

My Online Services

Anchor Relationships
  • Attract Masculine Men that Love, Protect, and Cherish You

  • Attract Feminine Women that Love, Nurture, and Cherish You

  • Attract your ideal partner/match that is aligned with your lifestyle

  • Learn deeper levels of communication and gain a better understanding of others without judgment 

  • Learn the ability to get others on your side in negotiations creating a win-win for everyone (especially for you)

  • Be more Confident Go on more dates (more options)

  • Be and Feel Heard & Resolve past frustrations 

  • Create a Happy Fulfilling Relationship (that sets you free)

  • Gain Personal strength, improve self-respect, & set clear boundaries 

  • Reignite deeper & pleasureful Intimacy

  • Strengthen your Emotional Intelligence and stay calm in any situations


Anchor Career
  • Develop a True meaning of Purpose in your Business/Career

  • Gain clarity on your goals and responsibilities

  • Earn Respect and create powerful business relationships

  • Gain Personal strength, improve self-respect, & set clear boundaries 

  • Develop Abundance Mindset

  • Be recognized & receive the promotion you deserve

  • Feel trusted, appreciated, and valued 

  • Create a healthy Work-Life balance & deep sense of Freedom

  • Attract the career that aligns with your values

  • Have a Clear Career/Business Plan, higher levels of courage & confidence

  • Build instant rapport with the people you want to network with

  • Have a positive self-image and be more relaxed in social situations

  • ​Have more positive thinking & better understanding of others without judgment

  • Learn the ability to get others on your side in business negotiations and sales

  • Be more Confident, Feel and Look Great (Fit)

  • Wear whatever you want with Confidence

  • Be in better health & achieve your ideal weight 

  • Before and after cosmetic surgery strategies for ideal results

  • Create a customized meal plan & workout routine that works for you

  • Become in tune with your Spirit, Mind, and Body.

  • Create a lasting & unique healthy lifestyle that works for you

  • Overcome food addictions or have more control over certain foods

  • Break negative unconscious patterns (self-sabotage)

  • Learn to understand and know how your mind & body function

Anchor Health and Fitness
  • Heal & Tune in to your Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine

  • Reignite Your Sexy Self & Spark Your Sensuality

  • Have deeper Fulfilling Intimacy

  • Learn to explore your body and identify what gives you pleasure

  • Nurture your Unique Sensual Identity 

  • Be Authentic & overcome approach anxiety

  • Learn when to meet and touch Men / Women

  • Learn to Build Chemistry and develop Sexual Desire & tension with Men / Women

  • Learn to communicate through Body Language and self-expression

Anchor Healing
Anchor Timeline
  •  You will release past-based fears & the emotions of anger, sadness, hurt, fear, and guilt through the techniques of Release, Remember, Reprint, 3R-B methods and other modalities.

  • Overcome your limiting beliefs and enhance your Self-Confidence

  • Let go of the past and experience more Joy, happiness, fulfillment, and peace of mind

  • Rewrite parts of your past that have been keeping you stuck

  • Put an end to self-sabotaging patterns and step into your divine power

  • Learn to forgive yourself and others, so you can experience emotional freedom at the highest cellar level

  • Align your deeper purpose with your values

  • You will get to know and understand yourself deeper than ever before

  • You will set a powerful 10-year vision and 1-year goal that will be aligned with your dreams, this will help you make your dream become your reality

  • Generate an action plan, focused achievable goals, and clear action steps that will unfold the life you want to live


"Before working with Cindy, I struggled with low self-confidence and yo-yo dieting. Cindy's coaching helped me uncover and address past traumas, and she taught me to enjoy exercise as a part of a healthy lifestyle. learned valuable breathing and meditation techniques that have been crucial in my transformation. Thanks to Cindy, I've lost 25 Ibs and kept it off, and I'm confident I'll reach my goal weight of 152 lbs. Cindy's knowledge, positive energy, and understanding make her an excellent coach that I would highly recommend to others."

Jenny Aguiar, International Inside Sales Manager



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